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    Leadership matters: provoking debate

    We all know that leadership in the sector is important, but what really matters is leadership that can navigate through choppy waters...

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    Are charity Chairs on a high wire with no net?

    The charity sector has faced unprecedented challenge and criticism, and much of it has focused on apparent failings in governance and leader...

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    Tips for 2017 Fellowship applicants

    With the closing date for applications fast approaching (midday on Monday 5 September 2016), everyone at Clore Social Leadership is hugely e...

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    The best leaders make themselves redundant

    At Esmée we talk a lot about the importance of key people.

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    Difference is the key: reflections from a Fellow

    As I have sat amongst the other 2016 Clore Social Leadership Fellows one thing is for sure, I am not like anyone here.

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    Trust in the social sector: public perception or reality?

    Perception versus reality is a poignant theme which many of us have been grappling with since the aftermath of the EU referendum.

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