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  • Ricardo Resende 785288 Unsplash

    Public speaking: How do you measure up?

    I need to state straight away that I do not pretend to be a brilliant public speaker … but I am improving.

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    Humble and courageous leadership

    I think there is a lot to said for being a humble and courageous leader, grounded in evidence, rather than one driven solely by conviction.

  • Christin Hume 482925 Unsplash

    Tree-hugging in Birmingham: reflections on my Fellowship residential

    Ever since I was a small child, looking up into a dizzying canopy of branches and leaves reaching to the sky has filled me with awe

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    Leading with and without authority

    Authority is a crucial force which leaders can mobilize for good.

  • Jess Watters 553319 Unsplash

    Crested newts against armed concrete - tactics for social change

    Jean Demars is a 2015 Fellow and former Housing Lead at Praxis Community Projects. Jean is interested in the nature of complex change within...

  • Jan Kahanek 184676 Unsplash

    From reactive to resilient

    Resilience as a core leadership skill is all the rage at the moment, probably because we're all running on empty, particularly in the social...

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