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  • Ricardo Resende 785288 Unsplash

    What lessons in governance can the charity sector learn from the arts?

    The first big question I have to ask myself when preparing for this is: What’s the difference between the two sectors as far as governance i...

  • Jan Kahanek 184676 Unsplash

    Three tips for leading change

    The demands on leaders within the sector are greater than ever, and the ability to lead change effectively is becoming an increasingly criti...

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    The greater the challenge, the greater call for inspired leaders

    What happens when you get people from three different leadership programmes together for a day?

  • Lukas Blazek 320606 Unsplash

    Food and mental health wellbeing: volunteers feed the bodies and minds of older people

    One of the most obvious, yet under-recognised factors in mental health is the role of nutrition.

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