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Discover Youth

A five-week online programme designed to help young people grow their leadership potential, develop valuable skills, and learn how to lead social change.

Developing the leaders of tomorrow

Discover Youth is our online programme designed to support young people discover their leadership potential and build valuable skills which can boost their confidence, accelerate their career development, and take them one step closer to making the world a better place.

Taking place exclusively online over the course of five weeks, the programme will offer access to a wealth of content curated by and for young people, and will introduce participants to the core components of social leadership through peer learning, reflective tasks, and online classrooms.

Discover Youth has been adapted and optimised with young people’s learning aspirations and interests in mind. Participants will leave the course feeling confident, connected, and equipped with the necessary skills to take their careers, leadership, and learning forward.

Recruitment is now open for the February Discover Youth. To purchase places for yourself/your organisation*, please click here.

Price: £50 per participant

Deadline: Wednesday, 10 February 2021, at 11:59pm.

Not sure yet? Register your interest for the February and April programmes to stay in touch and get the latest updates.

*Please note we are only able to accept a maximum of 8 places per organisation for the February programme. If you would like to secure more places, please don't hesitate to get in touch about our bespoke Discover Youth options.

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What participants will learn by taking part

  • What it takes to be a great social leader
  • How to communicate effectively and collaborate productively
  • How to empower others and advocate with passion
  • What their goals are and how they can get closer to achieving them

Who can participate in the programme?

  • Young people (18 - 25 years old) who want to develop their social leadership skills

Want to find out more about the programme?

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What previous Discover Youth participants said

  • "I found myself being particularly more clear on the short term goals that I needed to set and the long term goals as well. Most importantly how these goals could be achieved."
    City Year Youth Volunteer participant

What to expect

  • Self-directed learning, designed to fit around existing commitments. Estimated time commitment of around two-four hours per week.

  • A peer network for social change. Participants will learn from and engage with a wider cohort of young leaders.

  • Access to Clore Social's Backpack, a resource full of leadership development tools and exercises.

  • Indefinite access. After enrolling, participants have unlimited access to the course and its contents - across any and all devices.

How you'll learn

  • The programme is structured over five weeks, each week focusing on a core component of social leadership.
  • Monday - At the beginning of the week you get introduced to the weeks content. You’ll get a practical task to finish by Thursday.
  • Thursday - Finish practical task and receive reflective writing task.
  • Sunday - You have until Sunday to consolidate the week's learning into a reflective writing task.
  • Live Classrooms - During the programme there are two online Live Classrooms (first and third Thursdays, 12:30 - 1:30pm) where you and your cohort will discuss the issues you've been working on.

What you'll learn

Participants will get the opportunity to reflect on their own experiences and skills and contextualise them using our Social Leadership Capability Framework.

The Framework outlines the attributes, behaviours and skills need to become successful social leaders, providing a high-standard approach to leadership development sought after by aspiring and experienced leaders alike.

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Programme outline

  • Week one

    Know Yourself, Be Yourself, Look After Yourself

    Week one is focused on reviewing the personal qualities that social leaders have and how they’re demonstrated. Through personal reflection and introspection, you will get a clear understanding of your own leadership strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Week two

    Understanding context and purpose

    Week two focuses on gaining insight into ‘why’ you do what you do, what motivates you, and how this is influenced by your context - everything around you, from politics, society and communities to universities and workplaces.
  • Week three

    Becoming a great team player

    None of us exist or succeed in isolation. Week three will help you understand how to be a great team player and how to communicate and collaborate with your peers effectively.
  • Week four & five

    Looking towards the future

    Week four and five consolidate the learning from the last three weeks and help you chart the next steps in your leadership development, by creating a clear actionable plan for continuing your learning and development.

How to access this for the young people your organisation serves:

Join us in developing the leaders of tomorrow

Following a successful pilot delivered in partnership with City Year in July 2020, we are looking to continue to help amplify young people’s voices and skills by broadening the reach of Discover Youth.

There are four possible routes of offering Discover Youth to the young people your organisation serves, outlined below.

Routes for your organisation:

  • Route 1 – Pay £50 per participant. Participants will join an existing cohort of participants. Live classroom delivered by Clore Social.

  • Route 2 - Pay £80 per participant. Participants will join a group bespoke to your organisation of minimum 25. Live classroom delivered by Clore Social.

  • Route 3 – Receive training from Clore Social on how to manage and deliver your own live classrooms, using our platform and content. Bespoke pricing.

  • Route 4 – Discover Youth to be incorporated into your existing programmes/offers for young people. Funding to be obtained through joint bid.

Key dates and bespoke options

  • 22 February - 28 March 2021

    Discover Youth Open: available for Route 1

    Two live video classrooms delivered by Clore Social on Tuesday and Thursday (exact dates to be confirmed) between 12:30 - 1:30pm.

  • 5 April - 10 May 2021

    Discover Youth Open: available for Route 1

    Two live video classrooms delivered by Clore Social on Tuesday and Thursday (exact dates to be confirmed) between 12:30 - 1:30pm.

  • Bespoke programme & live classroom dates

    Available for Route 2, 3 & 4

    The programme and the live classrooms will be delivered at bespoke dates and times suitable for you.

We have been delivering Discover to social sector leaders since 2018. Here is what our participants have to say:

  • "I found the course incredibly thought-provoking and it really helped me to consider my management style, the context within which I operate and my role in achieving social change."
    Discover Programme participant
  • "The last three weeks of participating on the Discover Programme has reignited a passion for learning and wanting to do better, both in work and in my personal life."
    Discover Programme participant
  • "Absolutely brilliant, comprehensive and challenging course materials. Really appreciated the different methods of learning explored. Have actually learnt quite a lot!"
    Kea Horvers SOAS


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