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Experienced Leader Programme

This programme will help build your social leadership capabilities and increase your self awareness and resilience as a Social Sector leader.

Get the skills and knowledge you need to drive social change

Learn how to work with and through others to increase your impact.

This programme will help build your social leadership capabilities and increase your self-awareness and resilience as a Social Sector leader. You’ll learn together with a peer group of other experienced leaders who will support, challenge and inspire you.

For Experienced Leaders in the Social Sector with 6 to 10+ years' leadership experience.

Applications for the programme are now closed, but we encourage you to register your interest for future Experienced Leader cohorts.

What you'll get

  • Capabilities: Build the social leadership capabilities needed to tackle 21st Century social challenges
  • Confidence: Build the confidence to lead with impact and learn how to navigate complexity, uncertainty and change
  • Effectiveness: Become more effective in your leadership role and enable high performance within your team
  • Self awareness: Gain insight into your strengths and areas for development as a leader understand how you best can work with and through others
  • Peer group: Join a peer group of other senior leaders who will support and challenge you
  • Fellowship: Get awarded the Clore Social Leadership Fellowship upon completion of programme

Who it's for

  • Social Sector leaders with 6 to 10+ years' leadership experience

  • Individuals leading a small organisation or team/ department within a mid-large scale organisation.

  • Leaders with the ambition and drive to change your organisation and the wider sector

What to expect

  • 12 month programme with a total time commitment of up to 53 days (blended, flexible learning)

  • Awarded Clore Social Leadership Fellowship upon completion of programme

  • Self-directed learning designed to fit around your existing commitments

  • Access to peer networks of social leaders through the Clore Social community

How you'll learn

  • Access to world-class leadership experts
  • 1 day learning event
  • 2 day residential
  • Online coaching (individual coach and peer coach)
  • Online Action Learning Sets
  • Real world team challenge
  • Real world organisational challenge
  • Webinars
  • Online learning modules
  • Access to a network of Social Sector Leaders

What you'll learn

The programme draws on all aspects of our Social Leaders Capabilities Framework to develop inspirational, empowering, courageous, focused, passionate and generous leadership capabilities.

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Experienced Leader Programme Fees

  • £1,950

    Applicants from charities with an annual turnover of under £2 million

    Individual applications and those working for charities and organisations with an annual turnover of under £2 million are offered a discounted fee.
  • £3,500

    Applicants from charities with an annual turnover of £2million+

    For those working for charities and organisations with an annual turnover of over £2 million.
  • Fully funded

    Applicants working for the Armed Forces charities sector

    Thanks to the support of the Forces in Mind Trust, we have 6 free places available for individuals working for Armed Forces charities.
  • Fully funded

    Applicants working for organisations based in the North East of England

    Thanks to the support of the Garfield Weston Foundation, we have 5 free places available for individuals working for North East based charities.

What our Experienced Leader participants say

  • "I have gained new tools, techniques, access to a dynamic and collaborative network and a fresh perspective that I'm finding invaluable."
    2018 Experienced Leader participant
  • "What the Experienced Leader programme does is it forces you to carve out thinking time."
    Becky Elton Director of Operations, Changing Lives
  • "The programme's focus on a more systematic approach to reflection has been hugely beneficial to me personally."
    2018 Experienced Leader participant
  • 10 out of 10 participants would recommend the programme to a friend or colleague
    2018 Experienced Leader participants

Interested in the programme?

Register your interest

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need any specific qualifications to access the programme?

    No, you don’t need to have any particular academic or professional qualifications to take part in the programme. We know that leadership development training can be very difficult to access in the social sector, so try to make it accessible to those with minimal prior training. Your passion for and experience in the social sector are all you need to apply.

  • Can I apply for a course from outside of the UK?

    Our programmes are run from the UK, and all of our events will be held in the UK. If you are able to travel to events, and can participate in programme elements scheduled to the BST time zone, you are welcome to apply. We cannot at this time offer further support to applicants from outside the UK.

  • What counts as leadership experience?

    We classify the leadership experience required to meet the programme eligibility as professional, in-sector experience. This may have been accrued at different points throughout your career, at different organisations and can be paid or voluntary. Experienced leader applicants should be able to display 6-10 years of such experience. If your experience falls outside of these criteria, but you feel you are otherwise well suited for the programme, let us know why your experience is relevant and transferable in your application.

  • How can I pay my programme fee?

    Upon enrolment into the programme, you will be invoiced for the programme fee amount. If you require the invoice to be sent to a specific email address, like a finance department, please let us know

  • Will there be any additional costs?

    During the programme, you will be required to pay any travel costs to events and residentials.

  • How does your application process work?

    The application process requires you to complete an application form and to ensure a nomination form is completed on your behalf. The form consists of general information and has a number of longer, text-based questions so may take you some time to complete. We recommend that you read the application questions (linked below) before starting the application. You may want to draft your answers in a word processor and copy them into the application form to avoid errors. The deadline for applications will be at midnight on the day specified in the prospectus and on our website, and the deadline for nomination forms will be two days later, also at midnight. We are unable to accept applications submitted after the deadline, so please ensure that you allow enough time for both the application form and nomination form to be completed.

  • Why do I need a nominator to support my application?

    We ask for a nomination to support programme applications in order to gauge how your leadership is perceived by someone who knows you well. This is usually a manager/superior within your organisation, but can also be a mentor, coach or past employer. Additionally, your progress on the programme will require you to engage and have the support of your organisation, so the nomination is a good way to begin this collaboration.

  • Does my organisation need to know I am applying for a programme?

    The programme requires a significant time commitment from participants, and many elements require the support and input of your organisation. As such, we require participants to formally engage their organisations in the application process, and discourage applications from applicants without the approval of their organisation.

  • Will I receive feedback if my application is unsuccessful?

    Due to the volume of applications we receive, we are unable to offer individual feedback to unsuccessful applicants. We encourage anyone who doesn’t gain a place on the programme to stay in touch with us, and apply to the same or another programme in the future. Where possible, we will direct unsuccessful applicants to other opportunities.

  • I’ve been accepted onto the programme - now what?

    When you are notified that your application has been successful, you will be sent a programme agreement, employer agreement and key information form which will formally enrol you as a participant. At this stage, you will be sent an invoice from our finance team, and, shortly afterwards, preparation for the first programme elements will begin. You will receive a programme handbook, and cohort biographies to familiarise yourself with the programme and your fellow participants.

Interested in the programme?

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