Peer Journeys

Groups of peers go on 'journeys' together, supporting and learning from one another while taking on real challenges and building leadership capabilities.

Peer to peer learning power

Peer Journeys is a new programme by Clore Social Leadership where you’ll take on real-world challenges and build capabilities of social leadership in the process.

We’re calling it ‘Peer Journeys’ because, just like a journey, leadership development can be very challenging.

To help you on your journey you have a map, some tools and above all – your peers. You’re on this journey together.

Kick-off, 14 October 4-8pm (face to face in London)
Remote work to address challenges, with virtual peer-group check-ins
Wrap-up, 12 December 4-8 (face to face in London)

Applications open: 22 August 2019
Applications closing: 29 September 2019
Price: £50

Are you interested in joining Peer Journeys as a team? Email us and we can see how we can make it work for you and your team.

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What you’ll get

  • Learn by doing. Grow your leadership capabilities in practice from day one.

  • Real world challenges. Take on challenges you are currently facing in your organisation.

  • Stay on track. Stay accountable to your own development goals by joining a core group of peers who are on the same journey, challenging and supporting you as you grow.

  • Build confidence. Develop a confident personal practice of development, using on our tools.

How it works

  • Identify a leadership challenge
  • Applications closing: 22 September 2019
  • Kick-off on 14 October (face to face in London), meet your group of ~8 peers, share challenges and plan for the journey
  • Go out into the real world to address your individual challenge
  • Every 1-2 weeks your peer group will come together at checkpoints to share your progress, learn from, and support one and other
  • After 10 weeks, look back on the journey and reflect on what you've learned along the way
  • If you want - set out on a new journey!

What to expect

  • 1-4 hours per week. How much time you spend depends on the intensity you choose

  • Learn while working. The programme is designed to fit around social leaders busy schedules

  • Get out what you give. It's a self directed programme where you make things happen

What participants have said

  • “I was in the mindset that I was looking to other people to change things but now I’ve found I can do it. It’s within me to make change happen, to influence others and my own circumstances. I’ve changed my behaviour in key ways.”
  • “The accountability of the peer group was huge to me. I just know that if they hadn't been there waiting for me, I never would have finished the things I had planned.”
  • "Feeling supported and kindly challenged is such a gift"
  • “Working with others gave me solidarity and encouragement”

Digital Leadership Challenges

For this journey, Clore Social is partnering with CAST and the Catalyst to one peer group made up of participants specifically focused on digital leadership challenges. Challenges that we hear from social sector leader looking to create change in their organisations through digital, includes:

“I want to make change happen using digital but struggle to get the senior management and trustees on board..”

“I’ve been a leader for many years but need fresh inspiration, tools and techniques to support my team to work in a more modern way…”

“My team is siloed and we need to change our ways of working but I don’t know where to start.. “

“I know what digital development I want to push for, but struggle to get the funding to do it”

“I want to create change in my organisation using digital but I’m lacking the confidence and knowledge on how to get started”

Does this sound familiar? Or are you experiencing some other digital leadership challenge? Choose "Digital Leadership Challenge" in your application and join a digitally focused peer group!

For leaders who are

  • Working in the social sector managing people and/or projects

  • Looking to build your network and connect with other social leaders

  • Wanting to develop your leadership skills through practical action, to try new things and go out of your comfort zone

Making time for development...

Copy Of Cs001 Final Brand Illo Clock Blank 1

By developing our social leadership capabilities we can increase our impact for our teams, beneficiaries and sector. But the journey of leadership development is far from easy.

It’s hard to find time for learning and development when the immediate needs of the social sector are so great. So how can we commit to (and stick with) our own leadership development?

Peer Journeys is designed to be a fun and easy way for social leaders to develop while meeting peers and solving real problems!

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