Discover Programme

The Discover Programme is a four-week online course introducing key leadership skills and helping you map your future leadership journey.

  • I have been so impressed by the structure of the course, the thoughtfulness of the materials, and really enjoyed setting aside the time and space to think and reflect. It was so great to connect with a really impressive group of peer leaders in the live classroom, and identify myself among them, and realise that they share the same challenges as me.
    Leading Beyond Lockdown participant
  • I enjoyed reflecting on myself and understanding what are my strength and weaknesses are. This has helped me as I now know what to focus on to become a better leader.
    Discover Programme participant
  • I really enjoyed the creative element, it allowed me to take a step back and be more playful with my thinking and analysis.
    Discover Programme participant

Discover key leadership skills

Good leadership starts with self-awareness.

The Discover Programme will help you gain a good understanding of who you are as a leader, where your strengths lie, and how you can develop going forward, so you can feel better equipped to take on the challenges of your sector.

How you'll learn

The Discover Programme is structured over four weeks, each week focusing on a core component of social leadership.

  • Monday - At the beginning of the week you get introduced to the week's content. You’ll get a practical task to finish by Thursday.
  • Thursday - Finish practical task and receive reflective writing task.
  • Sunday - You have until Sunday to consolidate the week's learning into a reflective writing task.
  • Live Classrooms - During the programme there are two online Live Classrooms where you and your cohort will discuss the issues you've been working on.

What you'll learn

You’ll get the opportunity to reflect on your own experiences and skills and contextualise them using our Social Leadership Capability Framework.

The Framework outlines the attributes, behaviours and skills emerging leaders need to become successful social leaders.

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Course structure

  • Week 1

    Know Yourself, Be Yourself, Look After Yourself

    Week one is about developing a clearer understanding of your leadership style through personal reflection. It is focused on reviewing the personal qualities that social leaders have and how they’re demonstrated.
  • Week 2

    Assessing Context

    Week two is all about taking a step back and asking yourself "why?". Why do you do what you do? Why does your organisation exist? Diving deeper into these two fundamental questions, we'll investigate the importance of assessing and understanding context for leaders.
  • Week 3

    Working With and Through Others

    None of us exist or succeed in isolation. In week three we’ll look at how you work with and through others. We'll challenge you to look at how your teams currently work and help you understand how your leadership can impact the team.
  • Week 4

    Take Action

    Week four consolidates the learning from the last three weeks and helps you chart the next steps in your leadership development. This final week you will gather your insights and create an actionable Leadership Development Plan to help you continue your leadership journey.

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I found the course incredibly thought-provoking and it really helped me to consider my management style, the context within which I operate.
Discover Programme participant

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